Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Toy!

   I love to metal detect! I can't say it enough. I can't do it enough! It is by far one of my favorite things to do. Mike and I enjoy this hobby and share in the love of the hunt. I've found a lot of things, which most people would consider to be junk or trash. Mike and I like to come up with little stories to match our some of our finds. It's fun, and the best part is, we get to share time with one another doing something we both love. Even Mikey and Brian have fun pretending to metal detect. They imitate the beeping noises and they always seem to find a coin of some type. Even though they are only pretending, it's really awesome to see how excited they get. I think they are also imitating Mike and I, which makes even more special. I think by the time Mikey is 5 years old we might have to get him his own metal detector. 

   Recently, we decided to purchase pin pointers. We have been watching this show called "Diggers". It's a great show, and the enthusiasm that is expressed by K.G. and the Ringmaster is truly wonderful.  This is where we saw the pin pointer in action. The pin pointer basically takes you to the object you are looking for and helps you find it quicker. There is less digging and less chance of having a moving target. A moving target is when you are digging for an object and it's location keeps moving. Shifting dirt at times can cause objects to shift as well. Needless to say, the show "Diggers" sold us on our pin pointers. It took forever to get them though. The manufacturer said that was because of the show, and everyone wanting one of their own. Now they are in demand. We can't wait to get out there and get dirty with them. So there you have it, our new toys. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How does your garden grow.

My son Mikey was watching a program on the local PBS station. He watched intently as the character on the screen talked about planting a plant. Then a few days later, he watched one of his favorite shows on Nick Jr. called "Olivia". Olivia, who is a pig, had to plant some mystery seeds. After that, Mikey wanted to plant something. It didn't matter to him what it was. His Daddy helped him plant a tomato plant, and so far it is doing well. However, he kept on talking about planting for several days. So Mike and I decided to make a small garden for the boys. Of course, it was more work for Mike than our boys. Mikey and Brian joyfully played in the dirt. Mikey loved picking up worms and bugs and Brian didn't eat any of them. We planted corn, tomatoes, peas, 2 types of beans, peppers, and radishes. Hopefully, everything will grow and Mikey and Brian will get to enjoy the little garden that their Daddy worked so hard to plant. Either way, it has been a wonderful activity for us to do as a family. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

We're Going to China!

It has been a very busy weekend and I haven't had the chance to post prior to now.  Every time I say we "had the best weekend ever" and think that nothing could ever surpass that moment, I'm totally proven wrong.  Happily so, I must add.  Mike and I, as everyone lead such busy lives and at times it's difficult to find the time to make plans and carry them out.  For months we have attempted to plan a family day.  We have failed so many times with this, that I wasn't sure if it would ever happen.  I'm sure anyone who reads this and has children knows where I'm coming from.  There is always some obstacle, unexpected, invading, and at times never ending "block" that just puts an end to all your planning.  Well I'm happy to announce that Mike and I decided that no matter what, NOTHING was going to keep us from having our family day!  And nothing did. 

We took our boys out to eat at IHOP.  Mikey of course recognized exactly where we were upon pulling into the parking lot.  Important note though, according to Mikey we were going to China.  Eating out is rare for us, for many reasons.  One there isn't many places to eat out where we live, and two we have children who don't always like the places we eat at.  There is a Waffle House near our home, but honestly the food is really bad there.  IHOP has always been a treat for us, and most likely more so for me than anyone else.  However, I've come to the conclusion that when you take small children out to eat there are some things that you should never do. 

RULES OF ESTABLISHMENT WITH IHOP (The simple guide to parents with little ones)

1.  Never go to IHOP on the weekend, at peak hours, as you will be placed in a booth, in a heavy traffic area where your children will be too distracted to enjoy your meal.
2.  Never take your children out to eat at IHOP if they had oatmeal for breakfast before you left.

These are my two rules to live by, the next time we happen to get to go to IHOP.  Brian of course ate his food till he couldn't eat anymore, and then wanted to climb down so that he could find something else to climb up on.  While Mikey didn't want to eat anything at all.  We had ordered pancakes with banana toppings for the boys, in hopes they wouldn't make a mess.  Mike however, had strawberrys (with glaze) on his pancakes and Mikey only wanted those.  Mike shared with Mikey but then with all the traffic going back and forth while we attempted to eat, had totally distracted Mikey to where he just didn't eat.  He wanted to go to China and the playground.  He was ready to go right then.  Brian, was still trying to get out of his booster seat even though his Daddy was quick with the arm of "you can't go anywhere".  Brian is extremely persistent.  Needless to say, we took home 3 take out trays and tried to leave as quickly as we had arrived.  Please refer to the rules of establishment when it comes to taking little ones out to eat at IHOP.

 After leaving IHOP, we headed for the Aquarium located on Fort Fisher.  This is a place that Mike and I hold dear to our hearts.  We have enjoyed visiting this place many times, and even shared it with other family members.  It's a must see thing if you happen to visit our area.  Mikey was convinced we were going to China, and we kept trying to explain to him that we were going to the aquarium.  About a mile from the place, his Dad asked "Mikey, do you want to go see some fish?"  Mikey responded with "yessssssss"  and that "s" was carried out very long too.  We told him we were going to find Nemo, and he said he wanted to see a "shark".  Brian at that time had already racked out and was sawing logs. 

We made it to the aquarium and when we first went in, we met up with that same stuffed alligator that has become a symbol of a family portrait.  Although, we didn't get a family portrait I did get a few "snaps" of Mike and the boys.  Then we went through the aquarium.  Brian thought that he could get into every glass window we came across.  He attempted to walk into them, push them, press them, shove them, head butt them and my personal favorite a swift hit with the hip (as if that would do it).  Mikey saw the gators and nearly became upset when he found out that we would NOT let him go swimming in the tank with them.  Then we came across the stairs.  All the fish in the world, was not going to keep our boys from wanting to climb up and back down again on the stairs.  I think it was their favorite exhibit.  Needless to say, we had a wonderful time.  When we walked out onto the planks to exit the aquarium we came across a trail that was designed for children to explore.  Mike took the boys out on to the trail as I stayed behind.  Of course, I took the time to hide behind a few trees nearby and make what I thought might be some type of animal sound, although looking back on it now I think I probably sounded like an owl in heat.  Mike recognized my failed attempts and knew he needed to direct the boys in that direction.  Carefully they trudged through the tree roots and thousands of autumn fallen leaves that caressed the ground, working their way closer to the animal calling sounds from their silly Mother.  As they got closer, I jumped out and startled them.  Mikey was completely astonished and screamed for about 30 seconds before stating "Run it's Mommy!" as if I was some wild animal getting ready to crush them at any second.  I don't think Brian was startled at all.  Mike and I laughed so hard, as we gathered our boys and headed back to the main trail.

It was time to go home, something we both dreaded so very much.  Back to our busy lives.  Back to that dreaded Monday where Mike would go to work, and I would go back to being home alone with our boys till 4.  Deep down, we both know that we just got 20 points each on the parenting scoreboard, and we marked in history a moment in time that was simply just ours and nobody or anything could strip us from that.  It was our trip to China, with our boys, our family.  A true Fishburn moment!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today has been a tiring day already.  We had two very huge booms around 11am today.  They were so loud and the house shook just a little bit, that it frightened my little ones.  Brian didn't waste anytime getting out of harms way.  He scrambled on top of the end table, making his way across the arm of the couch and then leaping into the safety of my shoulder.  It was quite funny honestly.  Poor guy, yes I know.  I feel awful that he was that scared and I found humor in it.  I did soothe him and ease his nerves and after a few minutes he was calm again.  It wasn't long before he climbed back down to play with his brother Mikey.  The two of them were jumping as hard as they could to imitate the sound of the booms that shook our home just a little bit earlier.

So what are those strange booms that we hear all the time?  If you're reading this I'm sure you are most likely wondering.  The first time I experienced them, they scared me so bad that phoned Mike and told him that I thought something exploded down the road.  To my shock, he laughed.  He told me that the area we live in has been experiencing these booms for quite some time.  We have a nuclear power plant in the area and that concerned me too.  It has taken me a long time to get used to these sporadic booms, and even now they still startle me.  The local news reports on them every time as well and yet they can't explain this strange phenomenon.  Some people think that these booms are the direct result of Military activity off of our shore.  Which does seem like a very plausible answer.  However, the Military fully denies this.  Others say that its the Seneca Guns.  Now if you don't know what that is, which I honestly didn't till a couple years ago, then you would think "gun".  Guns have bangs, but what is a Seneca Gun?

During the 1800's a man named James Fennimore Cooper, wrote a short story in relation to these strange booms.  The following is from a website I found online relating to this.

The Lake Gun" is almost certainly based on local lore picked up by Cooper while visiting his son Paul, who in the early 1840s attended Geneva College (now Hobart College) at Geneva, at the head of Seneca Lake in central New York.24 The story is narrated by a man called Fuller, described as "an idler, a traveler, and one possessed of much attainment derived from journeys in distant lands,"25 who is casually investigating two legends of Seneca Lake. The first legend is of a tree trunk, misnamed the "Wandering Jew," that has floated upright around the lake since before the arrival of the earliest white settlers, defying wind and current, and seemingly unsinkable.26 The second is of the "Lake Gun," a mysterious sound like an explosion of artillery, which is heard at intervals around the lake and cannot be explained by science.27

One thing I should add, Mike reminded me that these booms do not register on Seismometers and many believe that it is not ground based.  Which means they are an air based phenomenon.  Either way, they are loud, they rattle homes, and they can scare people at times.  I think I'm going to come up with my own story and share with the boys as to what these booms might be.  As this is the time of year when the booms seem to be most active.  I'll share the story on here later.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today we received some really terrific news.  My brother Edwin, who has been battling cancer for the past year is in remission.  His health is still questionable, but I think he is headed in the right direction.  We are planning a surprise birthday party for him next month.  I'm hoping that my older children will get to come for the party.  My sister Sarah is supposed to be visiting too.  It would mean the world to my family for everyone to get together and enjoy my Brother's 48th birthday.

On another note.  My two youngest are real handfuls, the beautiful blessings that they are.  Mikey has no interests in potty training, as he knows that would make him a big boy.  He wants to remain a baby, as he puts it.  Brian on the other hand is using the potty daily and on the occasions that he does wear a diaper, he tends to take it off the first chance he gets.  Of course, he likes to play when he removes his soiled diaper and that's not fun at all.  Hopefully, he will be potty trained soon.

Mike and I are both working hard with our online classes.  We truly don't have much time to do anything.  Kids, schoolwork, kids, work, kids, cleaning, kids, laundry.  The list just goes on and on with kids taking most of the work.  I don't think we would have it any other way.  Well that's about it for now.  Hopefully, we will get back on tomorrow with something new and exciting to share.